Email only hosting provides you with hosting only for your emails. Promote our newly found business with a professional email address that will catch peoples eyes

inbound email filtering

Spam filtering £50/year

Self-learning Technology

More Than Email

Each email address is protected with its own password

Email aliases & forwarding
Vacation message
Catch-all email account
Web based administration system

No setup charge or minimum contract

Personalized SMTP server

Spam filtering (SPF, Greylisting & RBL)

Setup video tutorials
Webmail for accessing your emails when on holiday
webmail features
  • Access Emails Online

    Access remotely your email online with our powerful Webmail tool from any place/device. Manage your emails, calendars and to-do-lists in one place

  • Customized Plans

    Individual Plan. Up to 100GB. Don’t bother deleting your emails just to save space. With 100GB per user, you’ve got plenty of room for all your messages and attachments.

  • Fast, Secure and reliable

    Get a fast, secure, and reliable email hosting system designed for all your personal and business needs.


Can I get a personalized email address for private use?

Yes, If you don’t need a website, but you would like a personalised email address ( then our email only hosting plans are perfect for you. We offer personal email only plans with 10GB of space for as low as €2.10 per month!

What is email only hosting?

Email only hosting provides you with hosting only for your emails. This will make your emails look a lot more professional and also contain no advertisements. For example:

What is WebMail?

WebMail works like gmail or hotmail. It is an online email interface that will allow you to access your emails via any sort of web browser on any device.

Can I access my emails on all of my devices?

Yes you can access your emails on all devices you choose to set your emails up on. You can do this via WebMail or by setting it up on a third party application like Outlook or Thunderbird.

I’ve been getting a lot of spam coming in, is this something you can help with?

Our cPanel offers standard spam protection, if that doesn’t protect your email we can offer a third party spam protector for your email called SpamExperts.

My emails are currently with a different company, can you assist with the move over?

Yes, if you choose to open a hosting plan with us we will be able to assist you in the migration of your emails from your old hosting provider.

What is the maximum size of an attachment I can send via web mail?

The maximum size of attachments on our shared servers is 25Mb.

Can I set up forwarders and aliases on my emails?

Yes you can, this can all be done via the cPanel interface.




Our support desk will remain open during the holidays, so if you have any issues please email us.

Tel. + 44 1616609511


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