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How can I set up my own .blog?

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Why choose .blog?

.blog combines the benefits of both generic TLDs and vertical TLDs. It is a high quality domain that has high renewal rates, usage rates and attachment to paid services rates. Blogging enables you to reach the billions of people on the internet and can help promote you and your business.

Looking for a way to stretch yourself? Blogging fits the bill perfectly. It’s easy to create a blog, but the challenge lies in keeping it going beyond that momentous first post. It takes planning and dedication to post regularly and build a successful blog, you’ll grow as a writer (or in whatever medium you use), and you’ll develop your web skills in the process.


Setting up a blog is easier than you might think: you could be up and running within minutes doing nothing more complicated than clicking a few buttons. Blogging platforms that exist let you choose from thousands of layouts and design, and make writing posts and uploading photos quick and easy. Just remember to secure your own unique .blog domain, so you can really own your online presence and make a great first impression!

Uses for a blog

We like to think that blogs can be for anyone but not everyone. As a TLD that is both generic and specific in meaning, we have dotbloggers in a number of industries and areas but there are generally three types of customers for a .blog domain:

  • Personal – Individuals are using .blog domains as a space to share their thoughts, opinions, and interests on a wide range of topics. A blog provides them with an opportunity to connect with others that share interests and stories. 
  • Business – Businesses are using blogs to draw in potential customers and bring them along the customer journey. Through blogs they’re able to build trust and show their expertise and authority in their industry. 
  • Brands – Brands are using .blog domains to humanize their brand and further engage with their audience. This is done through strategies like showing the “behind the scenes” stories of employees, sharing blog posts with helpful tips and tricks around their industry, and highlighting the real-life benefits of their products and services.

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Why should I register a .blog domain?

Blogs let you be able to speak your mind online, whether it be daily life or even promoting a product or service. You can speak to other people online who have also set up their own blog by leaving a comment on somebody’s post or even reading their posts. You can promote a product or service by leaving links to an online store you have or posting images about new products on that site for people to read about or be interested in. You could even potentially learn a new skill from making a blog. Making a blog could maybe motivate you to get better at a particular hobby you have.

What are some tips for picking the best domain name?

Make the name memorable, you don’t want something really long or confusing that will make the person searching your blog be turned off by it. Something short/simple is good. It’s nice to be creative with what you choose. Having something unique would also make you stand out from other peoples blogs. Watch out if the name you have chosen is somewhat trademarked/copyrighted though, make sure to do some research on this before you choose the name you’ve decided on.

What You Need to Know about SEO For Bloggers?

SEO revolves around keywords, the words and phrases people type into search engines to find what they are looking for. Using keywords gives you the power to reach the right people for your blog and learning how to do keyword research helps you gather the data you need to understand your audience. Its essential to make content that provides value to people if you want to get your website ranking well in search engines

How can I make money from blogging?

There are some ways to make money from blogging. One of those ways is selling your own products (if you happen to be selling any). Promoting your own products/merchandise on your site will entice some people to buy it. Another way of making money is doing sponsored/promoted posts. Promoting a certain product from a company can get you some income from said company. One more way is to put advertising space on your site. There are many ad companies you can find to work with or you can sell the space on your own, some larger name ad companies include Google Adsense, Infolinks and Media.net.

Can I transfer my existing domain to Web World?

Before beginning the transfer process, you will need to ensure that your domain is properly set up for a transfer and that you have all of the required information. The process will vary depending on your domain provider, but there are general steps that are common between many registrars. Don’t worry. We can help you transfer your files, databases, and update all settings. You can contact us here and we will assist you


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