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WebWorld offer a complete Web design, site development and promotion service. Conceived in 1994, and trading from 1995, WebWorld has already put hundreds of businesses and organisations on the Web, and many took their first steps onto the Web with a free WebWorld website (note - no longer available).

For a modest fee, WebWorld can publish a page on the Net for you. It's a WEBVERT! You'll get a website for the cost of a simple display ad!

But WebWorld can offer you a whole lot more than just a simple, static webpage. A complete website can be created for you using all WebWorld's design, copy-writing, multimedia and programming skills!

Then, once your site is established, you'll need to make sure people will visit - yes, promotion is of crucial importance in maximising the exposure of your site on the Web.

Here again, WebWorld can help, with the WebWorld Internet Publicity service. It's available to anybody with a website - not just WebWorld web site clients. Click here to find out more about using WebWorld to promote your website.

What WebWorld Can Do For You

To take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the Net, you should think about establishing a permanent presence on the Web.

You'll be surprised how much information you can supply on the Web, and just how reasonable it can be to do so. You can publish your company profile, photos, product specifications and prices etc., and you can expand or update your site as often as you like. Add your latest news or details of new products and special offers to your Internet site.

Maybe you'd like to publish your catalogue or brochure on the Net? WebWorld can do this for you. Send a copy for a very competitive quote.

Once you are established on the Web, you need to encourage people to visit your site. You should add your 'web address' to your letterhead, advertisements, and promotional material.

It's also a good idea to promote your site on the Net itself. If you'd like to do this, WebWorld can offer you Internet Publicity - WebWorld will apply to the top Internet directories and search sites (and those that are most appropriate for your product or service), for a link to your site.

Clients using the WebWorld Internet Publicity service to promote their site usually get 5 to 10 times more visitors than clients who don't use the service. And you can rest assured that WebWorld won't damage your online reputation or cause you other problems on the Net - WebWorld don't get involved in spamming web directories or send out spam emails on your behalf.

WebWorld can also devise and carry out an Internet Publicity Campaign for you - this will include applying for links to your site on hundreds of the directories and search sites that can now be found on the Web.

WebWorld can offer all the help and advice you need to establish and make a success of your presence on the Web. Maybe you'd like to register your own name for use on the Net or take credit card orders on your website? Whatever you have in mind, get in touch - WebWorld can help!

Why Do Business On The Web?

Yes! Everybody is doing it, or thinking about doing it - using the Internet for business. With your own website, information about your products or service will be available to millions of Internet users - not just in the UK, but around the whole world too.

The fast-growing Web provides businesses large and small with new promotional opportunities, new ways of supplying business information, and new ways to sell.

  • Your information is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at very low cost.

  • You can serve your local customers and reach a worldwide market too. Being on the Net is like handing your business card to millions of people.

  • There's no problem changing information and keeping your page up-to-date as there's no printed matter which can become redundant overnight.

  • The Net gives you access to a highly profitable market.

  • You can save a lot of the time spent dealing with basic enquiries by putting this information on the Net. Your page can be viewed and printed too.

  • You can save on labour, printing and postage costs - you won't need to send out so many brochures and price lists when your information is available on the Web.

  • Once people know your Web address they will be back.

  • Buying (and selling) is easy on the Web.

  • Even if you don't get on the Net, your competitors almost certainly will.

  • There's a lot of kudos attached to having a presence on the Web!

Creating Your WebWorld Website

If you'd like your own permanent website, why not get in touch to discuss your requirements?

Meanwhile, here's a rough outline of what is needed from you to set up your WebWorld website - and a few tips - but basically, WebWorld just need the wording for your site plus copies of any images, illustrations or logo for use on the site.


  • Please supply typed or word-processed text if you can, or send your wording on floppy disk in plain (ASCII) text format.

  • Write your page or site to last - this means you should avoid including information that will soon be out of date - unless you plan on updating your information regularly.

  • Single page sites - the first paragraph, or first 20-30 words, should clearly and concisely describe your product or service, while following paragraphs can expand on what you have said in paragraph one.

  • The recommended maximum number of words for a page is about 500.

Images, Logos and Illustrations

  • Send good quality copies of any logo, photo or other image to be added to your page or site.

  • "Good quality" means that images should be sharp, with good colour balance and good contrast. Halftones and inkjet prints are not usually suitable for conversion for use on the Web.

  • Images can be supplied on floppy disk in most electronic image formats, as well as on paper.

  • It's best not to have more than 3 or 4 images on a page.


  • Send a sketch of how you would like things laid out, and colour samples for the text and page background, if you wish.

  • When organising material for a website, remember that your "home page" acts as a kind of index, introduction, or "hook" to the rest of your site, and it's this page that people see first when they connect to your site using your Web address.

  • Your home page should contain links to your other pages, which can each describe different products or aspects of your service.

  • You can have a page explaining how people can order from you, or giving people the opportunity to order direct, a page with your contact information, and so on.

If you are not sure how best to set up your page or site, please get in touch. You may find it easier to send a copy of your leaflet or brochure which WebWorld can adapt and "copy" for use on the Web, and remember: you can update your page, and make additions or alterations as often as you like.

WebWorld are always happy to offer help and advice, and there's no consultancy fee! If you need more information about our services or about the Net, or have any special requirements in mind for your site, please get in touch!

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