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WebWorld was conceived in 1994 as a new type of business to assist others in using the internet for informational and marketing purposes.

The first customers came along in 1995. At that time few people had heard of the Net, or had access to it, and the benefits of a web presence were limited, so in those early days of the Web, most WebWorld websites were created for no charge. These simple one or two page websites were organised and indexed in a hierarchical category structure under the webworld.co.uk domain name.

The WebWorld name became popular, with a number of sites springing up with the same name, similar modus operandi and similar or identical pricing structures. One site appeared which used the same trading name and the WebWorld logo copied directly off the webworld.co.uk website. BT used "webworld" in the name of their web hosting service "BTWebWorld".

A searchable links database was set up (now no longer operating), as was a database of search engines and web directories (still operating and updated occasionally). A first e-commerce site using open source software went online in 1997, and by 1998, the webworld.co.uk site was receiving a genuine 100,000+ page hits a month. As time passed, a fair number of free website clients became paying clients with their own stand-alone domain websites. Promotion of websites was, and remains, a key element of the business.

The web design business has become much more competitive in recent years, and of course the very nature of web design lends itself to the enthusiastic amateur. However, WebWorld continues to work for a number of long-established clients and takes on new work from time to time.

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